Juice Cleansing

Excess weight is a sure sign that your system has accumulated waste and you will be healthier and happier without it. When you lose excess weight you lower your risk of many preventable diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and some cancers to name just a few.

Excess weight places a heavier load on your entire system. For example, your heart has to work harder to pump blood around a larger area. Joints and muscles carry a heavier load leading to wear and tear. General movement becomes harder and often we move less as a result. Less movement reduces our body’s range of motion, which compounds the problem, often leading to more weight gain.

It may sound superficial to some, but if you look better and feel better because you have made some healthy changes that have resulted in weight loss – how can that be a bad thing? And let’s be very clear, this is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight. We’re increasing our intake of fresh living foods while reducing our intake of processed dead foods. The cleanse is also a time to develop other healthy habits like exercise and a positive outlook.

Drinking processed diet shakes, eating frozen & microwaved dinners, popping the latest wonder pills/supplements or having surgery are not healthy ways to lose weight in our opinion.

However, don’t expect to lose huge amounts of weight during the short duration of a cleanse. Excess weight may have been accumulating for many years so to expect it to disappear in just a few days is unrealistic.

Regular juice cleansing combined with consistent healthy eating and physical activity is the best approach to losing weight and staying healthy long term.