Affiliate and Clickbank

This post is not simply going to be yet another long Clickbank University review – or a review of the very similar ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ program.  These are the two leading affiliate marketing courses, and there already enough reviews online – so all I’m going to do is compare them to one another.

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Clickbank University are step by step courses for people who are new to internet marketing – or those at an intermediate level who are lost.  They both include a series of video tutorials that go from beginner to advanced, and they both come with a range of tools that are designed to save you money and be useful on your affiliate marketing journey.

They both have membership fees that are similar too – although Clickbank University has the option to just buy the basic course, which makes it potentially the cheapest of the two to join.

The key differences are what they focus on.  Wealthy Affiliate covers a range of online businesses, from e-commerce to products creation, but its main focus is on basic affiliate marketing.  Clickbank University is more focused though – it’s specifically for people who want to learn how to make money as an affiliate or vendor with Clickbank itself – one of the largest affiliate networks and the easiest to join and get started with.

For this reason, I’d describe Clickbank University as the most focused of the two, but they are both goods in their own ways.  Clickbank University, if you only join the basic tutorial package, is also much cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate as it has just one payment for access and no recurring monthly fees.