Back Pain
Most people, when faced with recurrent back pain problems, will look to painkillers, pain relief ointments, massage, and even stretches for answers to their aching back. The thought of getting lasting solutions to the back pain from their feet rarely crosses their minds.
The idea of pain treatments via the feet may sound odd, but this is an ancient healing technique centered on reflexology. The various systems and functions of the body are connected to the feet, in that they are all mirrored on the soles of the feet. They also are echoed on the hands and ears, but most reflexologists prefer working with the feet because they are the bigger option of the three thus presenting a simpler platform for working on.
Reflexology is used for a number of treatments include pain relief with results able to be realized even within the first session. However, lasting answers are often subject to several sessions (around six or more). As such, a patient is advised to have at least two to three reflexology sessions per week for several weeks. After that, they can reduce the number to one per week and then once a month, which helps in promoting and maintaining an overall body function and wellness.
In treating aching backs, reflexology will focus on three reflexes: hip, spine and sciatic reflexes.  The reflexologist may also look into the kidney reflexes, since kidney problems can be the cause of the back pain. Focus on these reflexes can also be done on the hand meaning it is possible to treat back pain yourself if you have the reflexology know-how.