Electrical Projects

Not all electric or cable related projects need the same tools to accomplish a task. This is the main reason electricians have bags full of tools and equipment with them which they use on a daily basis. Following are some of the main tools that are used almost in every cable laying project:

1. Fish Tape

The main purpose of the fish tape is to pull out solid or stranded wires from PVC or metal conduit. You can also use cable lubes for pulling wires easily through the pipe.

2. Tape Measure

Tape measure is another essential tool when it comes to cable pulling projects. It helps in measuring the approximate depth from where you need to pull the wire or cable.

3. Voltmeter

It is essential to have a voltmeter with you when working with any kind of cable project. It helps in detecting whether circuits are properly disconnected or if there is any current in them. There are various types of voltmeters available in the market but go with the good quality one only.

4. Wire Strippers

These are basically used for ripping off insulation coating from the wire. They have various sizes of cutting teeth so you can easily use it for different sized cables and wires.

5. Telescoping Poles

There are many types of telescoping poles available. They help in reaching cables that are in great depth and cannot be easily pulled from there. They are equipped with magnets which help in pulling the cables up.