Clean Your Freezer

¬†An upright freezer, or American style fridge freezer, is a valuable commodity. It’s important to make certain that they’re cleaned and well maintained at all times. During a year of typical use, upright freezers may become soiled with clogs, food particles and clogged with ice which makes them ineffective and unsanitary to store things safely.

Normal maintenance of the units can help save you money and time.

It’s advised that users clean their fridge freezers at least one time a year. This is easily accomplished with cleansers and soaps found under virtually every kitchen cabinet.

Before servicing the device, be certain you disconnect its power source by both shuttings off the refrigerator freezer and disconnecting its cord from the wall. Furthermore, turn the freezers temperature controls into the ‘off’ position.

If needed, remove food which might be stored in the freezer and place them temporarily in another freezer, cooler or another storage receptacle to avoid thawing. Placing the chilly items closely together and possibly adding some extra ice will prevent the food from thawing out for a couple of hours or days while cleaning the vertical freezer.

Bear in mind that this is a fantastic opportunity to inspect the contents of the refrigerator freezer to ascertain whether to discard any damaged, unwanted or expired food items.

If the upright freezer comprises a whole lot of collected frost, it could be necessary to permit this accumulation to melt by itself, by leaving the vertical freezer door open.

The process can be quickened by chipping away at the hardened frost by hand, making sure to wear protective gloves.