Carpet Cleaning Efforts

Having clean carpets can help to keep your family safe from unwanted pollutants and allergens. It’s not uncommon for your carpets to hold these unwanted bacteria as your family walks through your home with shoes and even bare feet that have bacteria on them. Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is a must to get rid of these nasty infections.

There are many problems that homeowners run into when cleaning their carpets. We’re going to address what these common issues are and give you solutions to handle them. We have many tips that are available for you below, so be sure to get your pen and paper ready to go.

The first common problem is the carpets get dirty soon after they have just been cleaned. This is likely a problem with the cleaning technique. Dry carpet cleaning allows for a specialized powder to be placed over the carpet. This encapsulates the dirt and pollutants which are deep down in the carpet fibers. The powder is then removed from the carpet. The carpet stays looking like brand new for a long time, depending on the foot traffic that your carpet gets.

The next problem that homeowners tend to find is that they end up running out the color of their carpet. If you use do-it-yourself home carpet cleaning products beware. These all come with a warning that they could potentially change the color of your carpet. Most recommend a patch test in a hidden area before addressing any open areas of the carpet to see if the color runs. The reality is that you shouldn’t even rely on these cleaning products. Rather calling a professional,  These professional have the right equipment to get the job done correctly without causing any damage to your carpets.