Selling Cars

 Here are some points before dealers need to know to communicate with the customer.

1. Produce a customer newsletter. Keep your clients Informed about what’s happening in the market, great suggestions for extending the life of the car, fun events going on in your company location, etc.

2. Book prompt appointments.

3. Schedule appointments. You can use SMS to send your Customers to an appointment calendar and have them book themselves right from their phone. (This sort of thing will get your particular business on the leading edge of automotive advertising!)

4. Get their view. Utilize a tech to set up an instant SMS account and develop your cellular customer database.

5. Create service reminders.

6. Recalls? Important notices? Text to your list and be assured that they’ve read the advice and know how to proceed forward.

 7. Send a coupon. Set up a regular schedule of coupons to keep your clients reading their texts.

8. Create involvement. Set up a mobile scavenger hunt or a Competition and have your customer play along. Perhaps have them undergo the show space to find key information on the cars your offering, or answer questions regarding the amazing finance strategy you’ve just set up.

9. Manage Guest Lists. Planning a major event? Keep an Eye on RSVP’s and be in a position to notify the registered attendees of any last minute alterations, or use the guest list for a unique draw.

10. Share your contact info. Instead of giving your Clients a paper business card or brochure you can have them catch your data via SMS so they always have a way of calling you.