Daylesford Melbourne

People in Melbourne love Daylesford due to one simple reason, i.e., the natural mineral spring. This is a place where you can enjoy your day relaxing in the lap of nature. Colorful markets, hot springs, Art galleries, and train rides make this place a perfect destination for the people of Melbourne. Dja DJ Wurring People who are real inhabitants of this place and owner of this land are described in the museum.

What to eat?

You can take garlic steamed mussels by sitting on the deck of Boathouse. Besides this, you can taste local wines while enjoying the lakeside view.

What to drink?

You can go to the oldest hotel in Daylesford famous by the name of ‘The farmer’s Arms’ to experience local boozer and pub.


You must visit Mill markets, a place to purchase tea towels, plenty of clothes, kitchenware, and postcards available unsystematic manner. Other day trips from Melbourne include ‘The convent’.  Here, you will find special attractions for tourists. If you want a spa service, then drive to Spa town, 5 minutes’ drive from ‘The convent’.

Where to stay?

We recommend ‘The lake house’ for luxurious stay overnight. You will love the silence and hush at this place. Hidden courtyards with plenty of gardens to explore at this place. Those who want to get relaxed with hot springs will find Salus spa surrounded by waterfall streams.