social media marketing tips

Trade shows can be intense, and expensive, but offer a unique opportunity to come face-to-face with large numbers of qualified leads, the best kind of leads as we know! Marketing your appearance well is paramount to success and a multi-pronged strategy will work best. The internet offers numerous avenues for marketing your presence there, not only before the show, but during and after. Here are some ways to utilize the world wide web in getting the most out of your trade show appearance.

Social Media

social media marketing tips

No internet marketing campaign for your tradeshow would be complete without social media. Use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients or vendors—be active in groups or create your own. Facebook and Twitter are great mediums for posting information about your upcoming event, what will be on offer, information about promotions or giveaways and registration for contests to name a few of the many things you can broadcast through these channels. You can also use it during the show to keep follower updated on what is happening at your booth.


Video marketing offers a great way to connect with your prospects and current customers in a way that promotes trust, authority and credibility. When it comes to marketing for a trade show, you might consider making videos discussing an important topic that you will be expounding on at the show; if you have a new product coming out, some teaser videos enticing the viewer to want to learn more can be highly effective.


Webinars can also be an effective tool before, or even, after a trade show. It can be a great way to advertise products and services, while providing information and solutions to problems you target market may be facing. Providing value is always a highly effective internet marketing tool, as the online world is rife with plenty of poor, inaccurate information.


Blogging is a great internet marketing tool—you can use blog posts to discuss your company’s products and services, address issues relevant to customers or the industry, and help your target market solve problems they face in their business or personal life. It can also be a great way to generate interest in your upcoming appearance at the trade show. You can write posts about the planning process, how you are going to design your trade show booth what you hope to achieve there, what you will be offering. After the show, you can blog about the experience, give a recap and discuss your successes; post videos and pictures.

Have a Mobile Landing Site on Your Website

QR codes are very useful at a trade show, and you can integrate them into your online marketing efforts with great success. These days, mobile phones are used for a lot more than phone calls, and accessing the web on these devices is commonplace. Creating a QR code that will bring attendees to a landing page on your website, where they can sign up for a newsletter, updates, free e-book, or whatever else can get them on your mailing list. If you are doing this, make sure the page is mobile-phone friendly and formatted properly.

Website Promotion

Almost too obvious to mention, but you should definitely be promoting your upcoming trade show appearance on your own website. Include important information like your booth number so people know where to find you. Make sure you are also utilizing the trade show website as effectively as you can. Many attendees like to have a game plan for a trade show and they will be accessing the site to see what companies are going to be there. If possible, consider purchasing a premium listing so your company is very visible in searches.