Microsoft windows 10

Many of you probably have been trapped in on this blue screen of death miscalculation, often called “Thread Stuck in Device Driver”.

The issue is commonly encountered by the Windows 10 users.

The miscalculation is perhaps because of malfunctioning graphics card driver.

Or maybe it might be because of the faulty graphics card.

But since we are clear the trouble is because of the faulty driver and doesn’t appear due to hardware equipment, it’s simple to resolve it yourself.

Option 1: Update or Reinstall Complete Drivers

As the issue 0x100000ea is generally generated due to the driver’s particularly video card or the Graphic card driver, so the first thing that you can examine is a problematic driver.

Carry out the guidelines presented here.

Step 1: Start Device Manager on your computer.

Either type Device Manager in the search text box or enter devmgmt.msc in the Run display window.

Step 2: You will notice an index of computer hardware connected to your computer system. Expand it.

Step 3: At this time locate a yellow triangle with the exclamation tag alongside any equipment driver.

Step 4: If you find this kind of driver, right click on it. Next click Update.

Option 2: Keep control of the Heat

Heating up is additionally the main reason for many problems.

Heating up of the device will have a drastic influence on the video card like sealing of the chipset.

In these conditions, you probably would come across the Thread Stuck in Device driver Fault 0x100000ea.

To cool-down, the system, ensure that the fans and UPS of your computer are running effectively.

Moreover, the Power supply requires to be replaced, In case it is actually old.

So better maintain your video card in the well-balanced stage to reduce complications like this.

Option 3: Restore Your Computer system to fix the malfunction 0x100000ea

The other option that you can search to get rid of this BSOD fault is by restoring your system to the time period whenever it used to work without a particular fault.

This will turn back the settings that were making this unsuitable status.

Step 1: Try the presented option-

Start> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Step 2: There you will notice all the restore points that you had created or were made instantly.

Step 3: In resulting dialog textbox, restore your computer to a prior day.

Step 4: Basically follow the instructions on screen, and retrieve it to the most up-to-date bring backstage.

The restoration procedure will initiate easily.

Since an operation of restoration will execute, the system will reboot.

Check out the issue. If yes, then go ahead with the next alternative.

Option 4: Fix the Harmful System Data files

The last Option that you can search is finding the presence of any Corrupted Computer data files and afterward fixing them.

A Damaged Computer Data files also generate the thread stuck in device driver MS Windows 10 problem.

Thus generally take help of the in-built checker of computer system Data files and check the system.

Step 1: Right Click the Start option.

Then choose Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 2: Next over the next window, type SFC /Scannow. Push Enter.

The System File Checker will initiate the checking task and examine out the Corrupted Computer data.

Now Repair them and will also be able to eliminate the trouble.