Pickup Toppers

A pickup topper is considered a very useful truck enhancement. The toppers can protect your cargo better and have other advantages, too. For example, the toppers often help to improve the aerodynamics of a truck so that you get better gas mileage. The toppers can be used for other purposes, too. Camping enthusiasts, for instance, often use toppers for camping purposes. There are special camper toppers available for these purposes. Additionally, the topers afford you extra privacy.

There are many varieties of truck toppers available. This somewhat confuses the user as to what kind of topper to use for his truck and which one should best fit his purpose. The most basic thing that one should know is that the toppers generally fall into two different categories. These are the soft material toppers and hard material toppers. Both these toppers come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at them in some detail.

Soft Material Toppers

Pickup toppers made of soft materials are easy to use and look great on any truck. You must have heard of vinyl covers or leather tonneau covers. These are examples of soft material toppers. These toppers will snap onto the bed of the pickup truck. The advantage is that they look great plus since they are made of soft materials, the extra load is minimum. This means you get better mileage if you are using soft t toppers on your truck. The downside with these toppers, however, is that they are not great in keeping your cargo safe.

This type of toppers does not make use of a lock system, which means that it will be easier for someone to pry open the topper. The leather or vinyl materials can also be breached open easily with a knife. Someone may also unbutton the cover and steal your cargo. Moreover, these materials are not ideal for use in rough weather. The durability and the resistance factors cannot compete with the hard material covers. They are nice for short trips on warm climates, but if you are carrying valuable cargo or are potentially going to meet heavy weather, it is best to use the hard toppers. But again, one big advantage of the soft-material topper is that it costs a lot less than the other types. It is also easier to install and uninstall a soft topper off your truck bed.

Hard Material Toppers

The hard material pickup toppers, on the other hand, are more secure for carrying cargo. They are heavier, so you will be losing out on mileage. But these toppers can be locked onto the truck bed and fit flush with the edges of the bed. You can also have specially designed ones which go higher than the roof of the truck and can provide extra space. Since the topper is fitted flush with the bed, the air rolls easily inside the topper and the hard materials also provide better resistance against hard weather. So, whether you go for a soft or a hard material topper, should finally depend on the uses you want to get out of the topper.