Bedarra Island

Bedarra Island is considered to be a part of the Wet Tropics, which is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. This means the region is home to rare fauna and flora that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. People holidaying on the islands can use this chance to see the flora present on the island. With four months of heavy rainfall from December to April, the forest is quite lush and blooming throughout the year. Here’s some information on the flora that can be found on Bedarra Island.

Coconut Palm

The first thing to notice is the gigantic coconut palm trees. These trees are common throughout the world and have many uses. The most important is the coconut fruit that gives us nutritious and healthy coconut water.


Immigrants from India and China planted mango trees in the Queensland area, and now, the Kensington Pride variety is the most popular mango fruit here. They usually ripen when the weather is warm. They are great to taste and considered to be the ‘king of all fruits’.

Hibiscus or Cottonwood

Though it is not exactly the original hibiscus, this tall plant can grow up to the height of 10 meters. Its leaves are heart-shaped and the flowers are yellowish orange.