Marketing Tips

MTV started out as a television station that provided music videos and has since evolved many different times to its current state. MTV now has multiple different channels with all types of programs marketed towards young adults and teenagers. They have been a shining example for multiple businesses that have been trying to improve their marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies they use.

Commercial Content That Appeals to their Target Audience

MTV has become better and better at understanding exactly what their audience wants to see which has really helped their marketing efforts overall. By making content that catches the attention of their demographic, they are able to easily convince them to watch other shows on their channels as well as do anything else that is in MTV’s interest. MTV not only uses appealing content in their commercials but you will see many articles, short videos, podcast, and other ways to reach people all over the world.

We can learn a big lesson from this: do extensive research on the demographic we plan to market towards. If we have as much knowledge as we can possibly get, it makes it much easier to create content that will keep them engaged and interested. Whether it is a TV commercial, blog post, YouTube video, or any other type of content our potential customers may see.

Social Media Dominance

MTV is a great example of a company that uses all aspects of social media to their advantage. You will be able to find countless amounts of content that they have spread all over the internet. They are really able to benefit from social media because the youth of the world has gotten attached to social networking, and because they are MTV’s target audience, MTV has profiles on all the major social networking sites. They are able to cover such a large range of different topics that appeal to the youth such as celebrity gossip, fashion, music trends, and so much more. While they make the content to cover all these topics, they are able to continue to promote their services and their brand increasing their overall marketing efficiency.

Any business can benefit from having a social media campaign because it has proven to be one of the most effective ways to attract new consumers and grab their attention. If you are able to create content that can be truly helpful to your audience, you will soon find that they will soon become loyal viewers. Once you have a good amount of viewers, you can start to slowly promote your own products and services which will then grow your company.

Making sure to have active profiles on all of the major social networking sites is very important, it gives customers and potential customers a place to go for information, provide feedback, and to view links to your content. If you become active and interact with your following, they will respond very well and will be much more pleased with your company.

The best way to start is to start a blog. Blogging can be completely free and gives you a place to provide the content you want, and to start attracting your readership. Start by making quality content about your industry and then slowly move into topics your current audience might enjoy, but always make sure to stay in range of your own company so when you have enough readers you can still implement your own products and services into the blog.

Use Your Services or Products to Your Own Advantage

MTV can use their own stations to help promote and give publicity to artists, while using those artists to promote MTV. It’s a great strategy that helps both parties. You will notice a lot of the time on their channels there will always be some type of celebrity promoting a show or something MTV related. While most of us don’t own TV stations, we can still try and use our own services to our advantage.

You might not be able to get big name celebrities to endorse your stuff like MTV can, but you might be able to attract a local celebrity or a star that is not as popular as everyone else. If your products can give someone enough incentive to endorse it, why wouldn’t they? By having people endorse your stuff, you can use the endorsement to gain trust from others by letting them know on your website, business cards, and other highly public places.

Doing Market Research

Market research has to be one of the biggest aspects of marketing there is. MTV has been able to keep up with all the new trends and influences of today’s youth because of their amazing ability to research the market they are targeting. MTV also has a big influence on the youth, giving them the opportunity to set new trends and then use those trends to further promote their stuff. It is a pretty amazing cycle they have created for themselves.

Any business owner should know the importance of market research. Big companies spend millions of dollars a year just to have the research complete, but we don’t need to spend all that because we have the ability to reach out to our own customers. If you don’t find it appropriate for your type of business to reach out to customers directly, try using a third party service to get more information about your target audience and have them complete surveys answering questions that will give you a better idea of what appeals to them.

MTV has many other lessons to be learned from their marketing strategies, but these should get you headed in the right direction.