Purchasing Bulk Fuel

3 crippling errors that are really easy to evade are made when purchasing fuel. These tips are for airlines, construction schemes, fleets or anyone that needs to bulk buy fuel.

Mistake #1:

They Don’t Take the Few Minutes Needed to Get the Facts on High Prices You sign a cheque for expensive fuel because your tanks have run dry. Trying to predict oil prices is anyone’s guess, as the market is perhaps the most unstable market in the world. Purchasing at the correct time will ensure you’re getting the best price. You can’t be short of oil but you don’t want to flinch every time you see the price. Fuel prices are affected by a number of factors and you need to be aware of these. Why they are going down or up in your area. Crown Oil will always be happy to provide you with this information. One of the questions you could ask would be “is now a good time to buy”? This will allow you to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, build self-assurance and save cash. You can increase your valuing IQ by devoting 10 minutes a day to asking the correct questions.

Mistake #2:

 They Live in Fear they’ll Not Be Able to Get Fuel Having a strategy will ensure that you continuously have oil. Then you will never panic buy again, thinking that your business will come to a shrieking halt because of no fuel. The options available from your fuel supplier should be laid out at the beginning so they can meet your fuel needs. This will ensure you will always have fuel when you need it. It’s important to know how much you use every year, month and day.

Mistake #3:

They Use a Supplier with Only One Source of Fuel Verify that your supplier has developed a fail-safe network. When fuel shortages occur, it’s always the single-source suppliers who are hit worse and then you end up paying higher prices.